The Congo Tardis #1 Tropi / Tribal club carnival mix exclusive to Mat Cant's, Get Low radio show.

Congo Tardis #1 - Exclusive Get Low Radio Edition (Direct Link)


Congo Tardis #1 - Wild n' Ready ft MC Damajah (Exclusive!!!)
Cumbia Cosmonauts - Our Journey Too The Moon (Lewis CanCut Remix) (Exclusive!!!)
One Nil - Congostatic (LOL Boys Remix)
Bosstone - Jova (Sonido Rampage Y Nader Remix) (Exclusive!!!)
Naysayer - Go Club
Loverman - Gal Yu Look Good
Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (BaBaBa) (Swick Remix) (Exclusive!!!)
Chris Brown feat Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes - Look At Me Now (Expendable Youth Bubblin Mix)
Pharoah Zap - Paris Tropical
Gerado Frisina feat Mitoka Samba - Batucadas
Farrapo & Yanez feat Botecoeletro- Oliveto
Marcus Price & Carli - Jexpert
Congo Tardis #1 feat Marawa The Amazing- Sweet Lime (Exclusive!!!)
Busy Signal - Touch De Road
Daniel Haaksman - Hands Up (Jan Driver Remix)
Bumblebeez - Zulu (Radioclit Remix)
Sampology feat Lady Chann - You
Julius Sylvest - Phil Collins
Lewis CanCut - Rave Tribal
Ku Bo feat Joyce Muniz - And You
Sampology - Piggybank (Swick Remix)
Congo Tardis #1 feat Scattermish - Proto Sound (Cumbia Cosmonauts Remix) (Exclusive!!!)
Mr Savona feat Vida Sunshine - Woman Run Tings
Congo Tardis #1 vs Faux Pas - Misyon Pati (Exclusive!!!)
Africa Hi Tek - Out In The Streets

Also features Shout Outs from:
Lady Chann (UK)
DJ Fasmwa (Spin D Music)
Martelo (Bongo Rhino)
Digital Primate (Turntable Spoilsports)
Agent 86 (Lightspeed Recordings)
Chris Gill (Northside Records)
Huwston (2SER FM)
Xavier (Dublin Aunts)
Sampology (Super Visual Turtle Ninja Crew)
Vyda Sunshine (Savona Records)
Sinden (Grizzly)